DirecWay Is Now HughesNet.
DirecWay is now HughesNet. Telecom's customers are advised to click on the following links to access their accounts and other useful tools:
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Telecom S.A., a HughesNet representative, provides superior satellite services throughout Haiti. We offer the highest quality of service and the most complete satellite equipments in the industry.
We Guarantee the best and strongest equipments for your business.

Reliable, strong.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Our Prices are the most affordable in the Haitian Market.

Low and affordable
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Professionalism is what we are all about... 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Professional Services.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Would you like to become a Telecom S.A. Associate?
Now you can become a Telecom S.A. service reseller and see your business reach new financial horizons. Feel free to contact us to find out more.
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